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Why Is It Advantageous To Invest in it Now?

Google is perhaps the High-Tech company par excellence. This giant, which is incorporated into the entity Alphabet Inc. and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker GOOG, is no longer merely the most popular and most used search engine in the world. The company has continuously developed new products which little by little have conquered the web: Chrome, the most used browser, Gmail, the most used free email service, Maps, etc. Not to mention the products that no one talks about which are managed by the “X” department (we are not joking, and it’s not a superhero movie…). This constant evolution makes us understand how its stock is now worth more than twenty times the value it had on the day of its first quotation, even though a few years ago it was also split (therefore we are talking about more than 40 times the first value).

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Those who invested even just a few thousand dollars way back in 2004, they now have stocks that are worth many zeros in their portfolios.

But the potential of this fantastic company has not come to an end, and it continues to grow from day to day. Therefore it is not too late to trade Google stocks.


Is This the Time to Invest in Google?

We do believe yes: Google holds about 70% of worldwide traffic related to Internet searches, and the continuous launch of new products has allowed diversification of revenues and constant growth. Google has never known significant stock crashes, in fact it has always maintained a positive trend, which represents an almost unique connotation in the current market, where the risk of crashes and the burst of a bubble are always expected. The company continues to grind billions in sales, since it never stops and continuously increases its product offering, a strategy that has been proven to be successful for more than a decade.

Real Opportunities for Profit!

The facts: on the day of launch at NASDAQ (American index for tech companies) the price of Google stock passed from 85$ to 100$ in a few minutes, closing the day with a turnover of more than 1.6 billions! Whoever invested in 2004 would now have more than 40 times the invested amount (without counting the numerous dividends already paid over the years).

Even just during the latest year the growth has been a two-figure and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop; it’s no coincidence that the major actors in the sector keep it under the “buy” sign. Certified trading platforms are searching for people who are interested to learn how to make profits by trading Google stocks, and they offer the following benefits:


  • Charts that are updated in real time 

  • Free registration 

  • Support and assistance 24 hours a day 

  • Personal expert tutor assigned to your account 

  • Access to simple tools to learn the tricks of trading 

You don’t need a considerable amount to begin: even with a 250€ deposit you can start trading Google stocks while they are growing, and you will be able to withdraw your funds at any moment.

General Risk Warning:

investment activities involves a high level of risk. It may result in a total loss of investment. For this reason, these activities are not recommended for all types of investors. You are not advised to invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before you decide to engage in investment activities, you should be fully aware of all the risks and should consult with an independent and duly authorised financial consultant. We can in no way be held responsible with respect to (a) any individual or company for any partial or complete damage or loss caused by or resulting from any transaction linked to these investment activities or (b) any damage be it direct, indirect, particular, consequential or accidental. After registering, you will contacted by companies who are authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

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